“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”
Rudyard Kipling

Everything we see and all we are was built on something. Rarely is anything completely new brought into the world, something that wasn’t foreshadowed by what came before. At Secretly Historic, we believe that everything and everyone has a hidden history that influences the world today. From those weird reflectors in the middle of the road, to the car you drive, to the pen you write with, to the ISS above us. History is woven into every aspect of our lives and is more of a grand story rather than a collection of dates and names. We tell these stories here. No matter what holds your interest, we can promise you… it’s Secretly Historic.


Jackie Standaert

Hello All! I’ve been studying history for as long as I can remember, although to be fair it took me a while before I realized that was what I was doing. By the time I hit high school, my mother made the prediction that I would be an eternal student. I can now admit that she was right. (And thank her for all the books she’s given me as gifts.) I’ve since earned my bachelors degree in History from Montclair State University, and am planning on going to get my Master’s as well. Unfortunately I also need to make real world money, and my job will pay for me to get an MBA, so that is coming first.

I’m told that I’m a decent writer and I love bringing up obscure facts from the depths of history, so here I am! Some completely irrelevant facts about me:

  • I have a cockatiel named Stella. She likes to try and dance on the keyboard as I write. I consider it advanced keyboard and editing training.
  • I cannot keep plants alive, no matter how hard I try.
  • I can cook but not bake. Baking is some black magic that has completely passed me by.
  • I was diagnosed with Lupus at 13 and had a complete hip replacement at 15