Ben Franklins’ Glass Armonica

Glass Harmonica (glass harmonica; musical instrument) by E Pohl is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Advertisements Benjamin Franklin was a man of many inventions. He invented the bifocal glasses, his famous wood-burning stove, is credited with the creation of the modern library and fire department, and many others. Most of his inventions were useful and welcomed by the public. All but one. The Glass Armonica The Glass Armonica is a… Continue reading Ben Franklins’ Glass Armonica

30,000-Year-Old Indigenous Art Destroyed by Vandals

Rocky Landscape with a Cave Chapel by Johann Martin von Rohoden (Flemish, 1778–1868) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Advertisements In Southern Australia, trespassers forcibly entered the Koonalda Cave, and destroyed irreplaceable sacred images. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the vandals dug under the gate. They etched the phrase “Don’t look now, but this is a death cave” into the soft limestone walls, destroying the indigenous art beneath. It’s believed that this may… Continue reading 30,000-Year-Old Indigenous Art Destroyed by Vandals

Atoms and Ashes: A Global History of Nuclear Disasters

Photo by Pixabay on

Advertisements I have a truly ridiculous amount of history books on my shelf that I haven’t managed to get around to reading yet. To be fair, I also have a ridiculous amount of books. I’m told this is a common affliction and that I don’t need to worry about it being serious. However, I want… Continue reading Atoms and Ashes: A Global History of Nuclear Disasters

Mansfield Bars

Advertisements Mansfield Bars are an incredible, yet simple safety device added to tractor-trailers. I can guarantee you’ve seen them. If you’ve seen a tractor-trailer, then you’ve seen one of the most important safety innovations made to trailers. So, what is a Mansfield Bar, and what exactly makes them historical? What is a Mansfield Bar? Attribution:… Continue reading Mansfield Bars

Horrifying History: The Birthing Spinner

Photo by Mochammad Algi on

Advertisements Throughout history, there have been some inventions that are just plain horrifying. Some of these made it to production and were actually sold and used. Others, thankfully, never really saw the light of day. The “Birthing Spinner” is one that never went into production, and I’m sure that every woman will thank god for… Continue reading Horrifying History: The Birthing Spinner

Final Call- Last Public Payphone Removed in NYC

Photo by Craig Adderley on

Advertisements It’s the end of an era. On Monday, May 23, the last public payphone was removed from its home in Times Square. The removal was in the works for quite a while now. In 2015, New York City began removing public payphone booths. They’re being replaced with LinkNYC kiosks, which offer free public Wi-Fi,… Continue reading Final Call- Last Public Payphone Removed in NYC

Popcorn History

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Advertisements Freshly popped and buttered popcorn is practically synonymous with movies. When you think of going to the movies, one of the first things that pops into your head is popcorn. If you’re like me, you may consider going to the movies just to get that authentic movie theatre popcorn. While the marriage of popcorn… Continue reading Popcorn History

Cool Website of the Week! May 15 2022

Advertisements Every week I like to post an interesting history website. Because honestly, there is a whole heck of a lot of history and only one of me. Not to mention that there are a multitude of really cool websites out there that just don’t get enough love. Sometimes these are amazing resources lovingly curated… Continue reading Cool Website of the Week! May 15 2022

US Patent Number 1

Advertisements Every year, the US Patent and Trademark Office issues thousands of patents. In fact, just last year they issued patent 11 million. Patents are an incredibly important part of the economy. They prevent anyone else from making, distributing, or selling an invention without permission for a set period of time. Inventors and innovators race… Continue reading US Patent Number 1

Archeology News- Zeus Temple Found in Egypt

Advertisements On April 25th, The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry in Egypt announced the discovery of a temple in the Sinai Peninsula. Archeologists believe the temple is dedicated to Zeus Kasios. Archeologists found the temple in the Tell el-Farma archaeological site in northwestern Sinai. A Map showing the Sinai Peninsula, where the Zeus Temple was found .… Continue reading Archeology News- Zeus Temple Found in Egypt

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